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The municipality is located 4km northwest of Stod 383m above the sea level. The earliest recorded mention comes from 1243. Same as other municipalities in the neighbourhood it becomes the property of the convent in Chotěšov. Exceptionally large and in many ways interesting square of the village is bounded by big farms built mostly in the 19th and 20th century, reflecting themselves in the water of quite a large pond. In the northwest part of the square there is the church of St.Margaret, which was recorded as a parsonage building in 1352 already. It was reconstructed in its current appearance in 1846.
During last reconstruction of the facade in the second half of the 1990s in the wall of the nave the original entrance with edged gothic portal was discovered and unveiled. In front of the church a  cross and a memorial to the victims of the First World War is standing. Historical importance have a baroque column with a statue of Virgin Mary and a statue of St.Jan Nepomucký. Both statues were reconstructed in 2000 and 2001. The reconstruction was partly financed by the municipality and partly by the state. In 2005 the statue of Virgin Mary was stolen and an empty footstall with a column remained.
An associated municipality to Ves Toukov is a municipality called Mířovice. A small village is located 2km from Ves Touškov. It was first mentioned in 1239 as a property of the monastery in Kladruby. A small rectangular chapel dating back to 1857 is standing in the square of the village. The square bounded by several older homesteads was formed by enlarging a road running through the village. Ves Touškov was together with the associated municipality Mířovice originally settled by German inhabitants who settled the land full after the 30-year-long war. The highest density of the settlement was reached before 1939. Currently, both municipalities have the total of 303 inhabitants. In 2004 the municipality was with the financial help of the environmental state fond of Czech Republic equipped by a gas line. Many local citizens are members of civil associations that participate in a number of cultural, social and sport events, such as the traditional tar pigeon shooting competitionin in July and the day for the children of both our municipalities full of games and competitions organised by the Association of the hunters in June. Members of the Voluntary Fire Brigade do not stay behind.  Not only are they the backbone of the Fire Brigade, but they also organise fire brigade sport competiotions in the municipality and organise brand new traditions of contests in fishing. As a tribute to our ancestors folk dancing and a fair are held annualy on the nameday of St.Margaret in July. Publicity of the name of the municipality is maintained by the ice-hockey club  of local TJ Sokol, double winner of the class I.A of associated hockey championship of the region Plzeň.